Servo Corporation of America - All rights reserved General Description: The sensor consists of a lithium tantalate pyroelectic detector mounted in an aluminum housing. The detector is a 1mm diameter octagon configured in a voltage follower circuit. This circuit consists of the pyroelectric crystal connected to a JFET, with a 1x10Ell ohm source resistor. A lens designed for use in the 14um to 16um spectral band is mounted in the housing. Specifications MECHANICAL Length: 0.925 inches Diameter: 0.700 inches Weight: 11.5 grams Hermiticity: <5x10e-8 std cc/sec OPTICAL Field of View, full angle: 4.0 degrees F.O.V alignment to housing: +/- 0.5 degrees Baffling Internally stepped housing Optical Bandpass: < 0.1% peak, 1-13 + 17-20 um ELECTRICAL Responsivity: 15 Hz,14-16um ³ 1200 v/w Frequency Response Rolls off @20dB/dec. to 250 Hz. Noise voltage: (25,15,1) £ 500 nV/Ö Hz Grounding: Al Housing, grounded optics Operating Voltage: 3-18Vdc, 9Vdc typical Operating Current: 5-100uAmps, 10 uAmps typical Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 degrees C
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