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Model 1350 Thermistor IR Detector

For detection, measurement, analysis and control of infrared radiation

The Servo Corporation of America Model 1350 Thermistor IR detector is recommended for use in general infrared systems, pyrometers and other applications requiring broadband optical response from an uncooled detector.  These devices have exceptional stability and reliability.


Standard Detectors

Model 1350 thermistor IR detectors have been developed to satisfy the requirements of a broad range of applications. Active element size, resistance, time constant, and window material specify the detector. Normal tolerances are ± 10% on active element size, ± 20% on resistance (with a ± 5% resistance match between the active and compensator elements), and ± 20% on the time constant. Please consult our applications group with your requirements for different tolerances or specifications.

Standard Configurations:

Actual Element Size: 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm, ± 10%

Nominal Element Resistance: 2.7 megohms, ± 20 %, (BTL #1 material)

Time Constant: 4. 0 milliseconds, ± 20 % (1 /e)

Responsivity: (600 K, 15 Hz): 500 volts/watt, open circuit

N.E.P.(600 K, I5 Hz, I Hz BW): 6 x 10-10 watts/cpsl/2 (less window loss)

Wavelength Response: 2 to 20 microns

Window Material (STD): Germanium

Operating Bias: Approx. 275 volts/element (specified with each unit)

Packaging: TO-8 hermetically sealed


            Mechanical Layout                                                         Typical Circuit Diagram



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