Servo Corporation of America - All rights reserved General Description: Model 13000 Broadband Radiometer Sensor/Telescope The Model 13000 IR Sensor/Telescope Assembly is designed for use as the primary sensing element in an Earth Resource Monitoring System such as the Clouds and Earth Radiant Energy System which will be flown aboard NASA's Earth Observing System spacecraft of the AM and PM series as well as the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM-1).  The telescope is capable of broad spectral sensitivity and has a very large radiance dynamic range.   Specifications Spectra Response:           0.2 to 50 microns Clear Aperture:               18mm dia. Telescope Focal Ratio:   1.84 Field of View:                 Truncated diamond: 1.30 x 2.60 Detector:                         Uncooled Thermistor Bolometer Detector Active Area:     1.53mm x 1.53mm Time Constant:               9 msec. Noise Equiv. Irradiance:   0.05W/(m2*sr) at optimum bias @ operating temperature =380C The unit consists of three major subassemblies (1) Cassegrain telescope (2) Baffle for stray light and (3) detector assembly consisting of an active and compensating element.     Radiation enters the unit through the baffle, passes through the telescope and is imaged onto the IR detector. Optional filters can be supplied to provide specific wavelength selectivity up to 150 microns.
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